11+ and Common Entrance Tutoring

Passionate about advancing learning

What I Do

For many parents, it is their wish to send their child to the right school, where they will thrive and be happy. Choosing and getting the right school for your child can be stressful and challenging.  If you choose to go down the selective or private school route, preparing your child for the 11+ or common entrance exams with a tailored tuition programme is recommended, so they know how to take on the challenges of these exams.

Having been through this process myself, I know and I can empathise with you.

I am here to provide that structured approach to tutoring that is required to succeed at these exams.

In providing specialist tuition for 11+ and common entrance exams for grammar and private schools, I use a combination of:

  • Practice materials
  • Mock tests
  • Exam technique coaching

All tuition is provided solely by me, a fully qualified teacher with 25 years’ teaching experience – most of which has been spent in Year 6. This will ensure your child receives consistent tutoring throughout.

I believe practice makes perfect so I provide regular progress reports. This ensures further learning at home can be focused where it is needed most.

Tuition is provided from my home in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham.

My Approach to Achieving Excellence

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” (Benjamin Franklin)

I am passionate about getting the best from your child.  The most successful approach is to instil in them the desire to learn and not to be satisfied with anything but their best.

My approach involves all parties working together in partnership. This is imperative. Choosing me, as your child’s tutor, means that you agree to be wholly involved in the programme of work your child undertakes, to advance their learning and get that school you and they are aiming for.

How I achieve this

Preparation for 11 plus exams and common entrance exams can be broken down into the following four stages for each exam subject and my approach has been designed around these stages.

These are:

Assess Current Ability

Enhance Core Skills

Master the Subject

Boost Exam Performance


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